How Does IMBY Work?

Imagine for a moment that you are presented with an opportunity to make an investment – a real estate investment in an amount that suits your budget, your risk tolerance level and your desire to make a meaningful contribution to your community.  As with any investment, there is no guarantee of immediate profit. There is, however, the comfort that comes from knowing that real estate has historically proven to be the most lucrative asset available to everyday investors. IMBY is revolutionizing the real estate industry by opening doors to all those would-be investors who thought they were blocked from realizing their dreams due to lack of capital and lack of time to find and manage the right property.



The best thing about starting to invest through IMBY is that you will never be alone.  You will be partnered in your venture with experienced investment professionals who have done the hard work of thoroughly vetting property conditions and history, current income and expenses and, most importantly, the potential for income and appreciation.  All you need is a small amount of investment capital (and we do mean “small”) and an understanding that today’s global economy demands a new paradigm – a new model that reflects our rapidly-changing world. The hard, cold truth is that until recently, real estate investing seemed out of reach for most of us.  The conventional wisdom was that you needed tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to even get started. How is someone supposed to raise that kind of capital when you are already paying your own exorbitant rent or home loan while still paying off student debt? And who has the time to find good properties when you are already working full-time?

At IMBY, we are all about removing the traditional barriers facing investors.   We are democratizing real estate investing so that anyone can start building a real estate portfolio today. Think of it as crowdfunding for investment properties where we all can share in the returns. Here are the important “Basics”  as to how we make it happen:


  • Fully-vetted properties are listed on IMBY’s user-friendly, online marketplace. IMBY has already purchased the property in cash (without a mortgage) and performed all standard due diligence tasks – property reports, title examination reviews, etc. Investors set up a free account that allows them to test the waters.
  • IMBY retains 51% ownership in each of the properties.   The remaining 49% is made available to investors who are free to stake as little or as much as they want to.   Start with as little as $1 and you can own a share in a property. As the property appreciates in value, so does the share value.
  • The reason that IMBY retains 51% ownership is because we take care of all the details from the purchase of the property to property management to deciding when the best time is to sell or develop.


How do we pick properties so that you make money?

lake view property



IMBY invests in low-risk properties in up and coming neighbourhoods with solid growth potential – properties we can truly be proud of.  In fact, every tenant in the buildings we acquire will be able to invest in the building they live in — even if it’s only $1. We feel that investor-tenants will take just that much better care of the place they live in if they have a stake in the success of the property.

Our investing philosophy is pretty simple. We invest in low-risk multi-family properties that meet the following criteria:

  • Has development potential
  • Has a positive cashflow
  • Has a minimum 4-6% a year ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Requires that less than 10% of the purchase price go toward renovations and upgrades

IMBY’s team takes care of everything for you, working with one of Canada’s top law firms to draft purchase documents and file all paperwork to ensure the correct compliance with securities regulations.



6 thoughts on “How Does IMBY Work?

  1. Avatar
    laine trudeau says:

    If I invest some money where is it held, in a trust account? What protection is there for an individual that invests money to ensure that the money is not diverted and stolen? Is IMBY licensed by the government or overseen by the securities commission – what protection from fraud can an investor rely upon when investing in IMBY?

    • Avatar
      Stephen Jagger says:

      Hi Laine,
      Thanks for your questions. When an IMBY member invests in a property, they get shares in that property in exchange for their funds. As we own the property outright at the start, there is no risk of the property not closing. Regarding securities, yes, the appropriate security commissions are aware and kept up to date with transactions on each property. We will work on a longer, more detailed blog post on this topic, but let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Avatar
    Brad says:

    I presume this is not automatically reinvesting – when you sell the property everyone is cashed out, however what if I can’t wait and need to get out sooner?

    • Avatar
      Stephen Jagger says:

      Hi Brad – yes, when the property is “done” the funds are paid back to IMBY members wallet. They can then choose another investment, move the money from their IMBY wallet back to their bank account or wait til another investment comes up that they choose to invest in.

      If an IMBY member wants to pull their investment out before the end of the investment they can contact IMBY support to see what might be able to be done. It does depend on the specific property as each one is unique.

    • Avatar
      Stephen Jagger says:

      Hi Karen – great news. You will be notified the moment the next property comes onto the platform. From there, you can choose to invest in it.

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