Company Description

IMBY is a privately held company with its head office in
Vancouver Canada.

IMBY is a real estate investment platform that removes financial and administrative barriers to entry for anyone who wants to invest in real estate. Unlike other investment platforms, we offer convenient and accessible opportunities for people to invest in their local real estate market, today.

Applying both technical and legal innovation, IMBY is Canada’s first company to successfully crowdfund ownership of a property valued over $1.6 million with over 200 different investors.


IMBY was founded by Michael Stephenson in January of 2018, after he created an investor syndicate for a Vancouver Real Estate redevelopment, paying a projected IRR of 18%. When approached by his friends and family to invest in the syndicate, Mike was struck by the sheer costs associated with the deal structure which grew more costly with each investor in the syndicate. He was forced to make $50,000 the minimum investment. This eliminated many of his friends and family from investing in the opportunity, who wanted to invest $5,000 and even $25,000.

This situation struck Mike as entirely unfair. It’s this barrier to entry that causes the financial divide in society to widen. This was the impetus for Mike to found IMBY.

Joining Mike is a seasoned management team with a proven track record in Real Estate, software development and finance. This has attracted an elite group of advisors, including Peter Aceto, Jeff Booth, and Stuart Louie.

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Products and Solutions

IMBY offers a first of its kind platform for investors to purchase real estate for as little as $1.00

If you are interested in investing in IMBY:

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